Garden Rose Bouquet

bride's bouquet

For the bride.

Pale pink garden roses. Smell amazing.


  1. This one is really great! Where did you get such wonderfull roses? Did you grow it in your garden?

  2. I got them from the flower market.

  3. How many roses did it take to make such a full and beautiful bouquet?

  4. It depends on the type of rose you use, how big the head is... I used mostly garden roses and mixed in with some spray roses for this bouquet. I would say about 50.

  5. I am getting married next July because we were not able to find a venue that was not already booked in june. I planned to have peonies but now I am hopeful to have garden roses as beautiful as these! They do resemble peonies but I think even more beautiful!!

  6. Very beautiful white roses, but I like to see in other colors. Thanks for the post


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