Green Carnation Pomanders

green carnation pomanders

green carnation pomanders

green carnation pomanders

I never really like carnation, but after making these gorgeous pomanders, I certainly had a changed mind!

Peony Bouquet

peony bouquet

For the bride.

Always love peony bouquet! So simple yet so elegant.

Hand-tied with a ti leaf.

Peony Boutonnieres

groom's peony boutonniere

For the groom.

peony boutonnieres

For the parents (and one for the groom).

(They looked slightly different.)

Single peony finished with lily grasses.

Gerbera Bouquets

bridesmaids bouquets

For the bridesmaids.

This is a special type of gerbera, so pretty!

Varies Boutonnieres

gerbera & dahlia boutonnieres

For the groomsmen, parents, and officiator.

Gerbera daisy with camellia leaves; dahlia wrapped with lily grass; peony wrapped with lily grass.

Purple Bouquet

bride's bouquet

For the bride.

A purple-theme bouquet: roses, tulips, calla lilies, freesias, wax flowers, and lily grasses.

Tulip Bouquet

tulip bouquet

For the maid of honor.

Purple tulips wrapped with ti leaves.

Tulip Wedding Cake

wedding cake

Wedding cake decorated with purple tulips, and purple rose petals.


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